About TripStories

Tourism by its very nature entails the movement of tourists from their source to the destination; tourism and mobility are therefore deeply interrelated. According with a recent DG move study mobility related to tourism has been identified as one of the most important air polluter.

Mobility needs to be smarter in order to meet environmental goals. Reconciling tourism mobility and environmental goals can be achieved through the adoption of appropriate technologies. Small and medium municipalities are not able to fully exploit such technologies: very often, the information related to the electrical (and in general environmental friendly) mobility is not connected with touristic information that enhance the experience of the tourists.

Tripstories is based on FIWARE technology.

Issues to be addressed

The main problems to be addressed are the following:
a) Local government needs new way to generate high quality incoming in their territories. Eco-tourism combined with smart mobility allow discovering territories in harmony with the nature and the local traditions.
b) There are only few disconnected platforms that promote this kind of tourism and the eco-mobility.
c)Usually these platforms don’t include a cartographic (GIS) visualization and geographical searches. These tools will allow joining the touristic information to create better and customized travel experience with personal and rented ecological cars, bikes, etc. The paths will be tagged in order to be classified for the kind of mobility that fits better for it.

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